Who can join Kanga training?

By Pooja Kambotkar

Kanga training is post natal fitness for mothers. A mother can start training as soon as she delivers within the first 6 weeks; if it’s a vaginal birth.

If it’s a C- section, she must wait for 12 weeks(3 months) & then join Kanga training. In both cases, it is suggested to consult a gynaecologist before working out.

It is very effective & safe but every mother has different needs & we cater to all the mothers.

Essentials of Kanga training In an offline class, you need- Yoga mat Baby carrier A bottle of water A towel & your baby!

With online session, you need - Yoga mat Doing babywearing is your choice to make.

A kanga workout session in progress.

Mother working near the kid.

A kanga dance session